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Prop Hire Database

Welcome to the Prop Hire Database. Here you can find a whole range of props, costume, set and lighting equipment for hire from across the UK, for Theatre, Film, TV and Events. We're a bit different to other hire sites. We are a community based hire list - our props come from you. Listings are free, so add your props too!

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1930's green 3 seat sofa


1930's matching arm chairs


1930's wooden dining chairs x4 with matching table


1930's wooden Gramophone


1950's Aircraft Bomb Distributor Panel


1960's dinning chairs


1960's Wheel Chair

1964 Double-deck bus - Prop Hire from The Props List

1964 Double-deck bus

1971 Open top bus - Prop Hire from The Props List

1971 Open top bus

1972 Wurlitzer Jukebox - Prop Hire from The Props List

1972 Wurlitzer Jukebox

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